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Too bad, this web site is in French only! In spite of your frustration, you may understand that it is quite hard to maintain a constantly updated personal web site in different foreign langages. Anyway, I hope that you 'll find the tricky information you were looking for, or some links to other web sites. On the other hand, you may use web site translators (Babel Fish from altavista search engine is currently my favorite, and proz -the most professional- for unusual and highly specific technical terms).

Taking into account the significant number of visitors from abroad, I decided to add an abstract to the new or updated pages. When available, click on the flag-en.gif (236 octets) flag at the top of the related pages. Please let me know if this is of real use for you.

For more information regarding the site, the club activities, please get to the international section of our forum

At last, the very good news is that Club Calibra will soon become a registred association. The leaders of this project already made the decision to develop international relationships, and that somme members from the board will be responsible for the contacts with other club in European countries.

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